Ostara – Spring Equinox

blessedostara  This Sunday is the Three Cranes ADF Druidry Group celebration of the Spring Equinox.  It is one of eight pagan high holy days celebrated by druids, wiccans, and other alternative religions throughout the year.  It is a time to think about new birth and regeneration, a time for planting, and a time to think about warmer weather, etc.  One of the symbols for the Spring Equinox is the Egg.

I am excited to go to my first pagan holiday event and celebrate with the Three Cranes Druidry group in Central Ohio.

This is from the Three Cranes website regarding this pagan holiday:

Spring Equinox (Mar. 21~ish):

Neo-Pagan name: Ostara
Gaulish name: SonnocingosThe spring equinox is a time of planting, where the ground is thawed and new things can be initiated. It’s a time to think about plans for the future, and to gather together all the things you will need for the work you will do in the year to come.

In ancient days, the folk would bring their tools to the priests who would then “charm” them. This charming or blessing would keep those tools in good working order throughout the year, and would thus sustain the lives of the folk through the always dangerous time from planting to harvest.

The Grove celebrates by bringing forth the tools we use in our work and blessing them in the “working” portion of our rite. Many also celebrate by taking their first spring hikes in the crisp spring mornings.