Magician Card Part III

Below are notes from the Builders of the Adytum meeting this past weekend:

Top of the Cube of Space 

Beth, ב, represents the top of the Cube of Space. 
Receives energy from א, Aleph – The Fool which is the up/down axis and is assigned the mother letter element of air. 
East – ז, Zayin – The Lovers 
North – ט, Teth – Strength 
West – ס, Samech – Temperance 
South – צ, Tzaddi – The Star 
Numeric value: 2 
Double Meanings: Life/Death 
Planet: Mercury 
Bayith (תִי ָּ֫ב): House 
Tarot Key – The Magician 
12th Intelligence of Sefir Yetzirah: 
“The Twelfth Path is the Intelligence of Transparency, because it is that species of Magnificence., called CHAZCHAZIT, which is named the place whence issues the vision of those seeing in apparitions. (That is, the prophecies by seers in a vision.)” 
In the Key of the Magician the magician figure is shown with is right arm up, drawing own energy to the table. His posture is in the shape of an aleph which denotes the source of his energy. He acts as a conduit for the power of the Primal Will, directing it to its destination by focused attention. 
Attention, as the magician is shown practicing, is the quality that’s directly related to the quality and clarity of subconscious memory and subsequent image-making. 
1) How would you describe the interactions that the Magician has with The Lovers, Strength, Temperance, and The Star? 
2) Why would the Magician, as the Self-Conscious, be at the top of the cube? 
3) What other ‘Up’ analogies or archetypes does the Magician fit? 
4) What relationships do you see with Beth, Life and Death, and the relationships of the Magician to the sides and edges of the cube? 


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