B.O.T.A. – Magician Card – Part II

Magician card cube of Space

I went to the B.O.T.A Meeting this past weekend and we discussed the Magician Card (Tarot Card No. 1) in its place in the Cube of Space.  The top of the cube represents “the above” with five cards.  The magician card is at the center of the Cube of Space surrounded by the Lovers Card to the East, Temperance to the West, the Star in the South, and Strength in the North.  Each card has a significance in its place on the Cube.  The key to the “above” is the Magician Card.  The Magician symbolizes the human will and the Magician is a channel from the spiritual, eternal, and supernatural planes to the material, mortal, and temporal planes below.  The infinity symbol above the magician’s head represents the Holy Spirit.  The wand represents fire, the cup water, the sword air, and the coin or pentacle the earth.  The magician has the ability to “will” each of the elements at his disposal.  The Hebrew Letter which represents the magician card is “beth” which is a double letter, and means “house”.  We talked about house being a place for order from chaos (another polarity).

We also discussed the tension in the cube between the magician card “above plane” and the “priestess card” which is “in the below plane”.  Similar on the above plane the magician balances the opposites of  temperance and passion, strength and the star.





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